3 Kind Zodiacs Brightening Your Week

Cancer Cancer, your goodness shines brilliantly this week, bringing light and warmth to dark times. Your natural empathy and caring for others helps you comfort and support friends and family who are struggling.

Always open, your heart shelters the needy. You know how important it is to listen, comfort, or be present for someone. You feel happier and more fulfilled when you show true compassion to others.

Pisces Pisces, your empathy shines as a beacon for people going through personal struggle this week. Your natural generosity, like your sign's water, heals and inspires.

In a disconnected world, your capacity to comprehend and share people' sentiments makes you a trusted friend.

Libra Libra, your gentleness promotes peace this week by gently guiding others to understanding and respect. In a time of widespread conflict, your mediation and soothing are more important than ever.

You listen carefully, give intelligent counsel, and seek solutions that honor everyone because of your sense of justice. You gain respect and admiration from your peers for your commitment to justice. Your cool, impartial approach to issues makes you a great ally in any situation.