3 Zodiac Signs That Would Love To Be Kidnapped By Aliens

1. Pisces This water sign is controlled by Neptune, the dream and mystical planet. They prefer old romance novels when someone sweeps them off their feet.

Pisceans are naturally “spacy” therefore being transported into space wouldn't affect them. They may not notice if aliens kidnap them since they are so reclusive and engaged in their dreams.

2. Sagittarius The zodiac's grand explorers, Sagittarians, would hate to think we're the only life on Earth. That would disappoint them. They're the zodiac's most curious and adventurous sign, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion.

Kidnapping by aliens would taste like red hot chili peppers to a Sagittarius. They become bored fast with routines and are always looking for new and exciting experiences.

3. Aquarius Aquarians think outside the box and ionosphere. Uranus, the planet of creativity and surprises, rules this unusual air sign. They rarely reject ideas or experiences.

They're open-minded and nonjudgmental, therefore they'd like to meet aliens. They might consider it a much-needed vacation.