3 Zodiacs With Deep, Dark Thoughts

Scorpio Scorpios naturally prefer darkness and divinity. Unknown people may find their energy overpowering, but this is because their minds are profound wells of contemplation.

When they wash off the day, their minds may release all the weighty thoughts that have been showing up around the wrong times. Scorpio, use your shower to clear your head, release heavy thoughts, and rejuvenate before drying off.

Aquarius Aquariuses are naturally concerned with society and the globe, which may be good and bad. This humanitarian spirit and real desire to help our planet might push individuals to careers they love, inspire others, alter their community and beyond, etc., but it can also work against them.

In the tranquility of a shower, their minds keep whirling as they swirl down the drain like the water. Aquarius, concentrate yourself before leaving. Remind yourself that you're only one person doing your best each day. Be kind to yourself.

Gemini One of the smartest zodiac signs, Geminis overthink. When they leave their bustling life for a quiet shower, their mind can kill them.

Confident Geminis become self-conscious in the shower because they may re-analyze their day. Gemini, breathe and untether your mind from the day's events. Allow dark shower ideas to reshape you.