5 Brilliant Reasons to Wrap Your Hummingbird Feeder in Foil

Reflective foil attracts hummingbirds. Colorful, reflective objects attract hummingbirds.(ref) Rainbow-colored foil on your feeder attracts these interested birds.

Foil Insulation Controls Nectar Temperature Hummingbirds like their nectar at certain temperatures. A foil feeder insulates nectar and maintains a steady temperature.

Ants Hate Slippery Foil Ants plague hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds dislike these pests because they swiftly enter the feeder and taint the nectar.

Foil prolongs feeder life Hummingbird feeders can suffer from weathering. Sunlight, rain, and wind can cause fractures, leaks, and discolouration.

Foil Wrapping Deters Intruders While hummingbird feeders are meant for these little birds, other species and animals may be drawn to the sweet nectar. Larger birds, squirrels, and bees may try to use the feeder.