5 Tips for When to Put Out Hummingbird Feeders

Spring is Welcome in Most States Mid-March to early April is hummingbird season in many states. As flowers bloom and insects buzz, these small birds migrate to find the best feeding and nesting locations.

Southern Hospitality: Year-Round Food Hummingbirds—especially Anna's—live year-round in Florida, Texas, and Nevada. This continual presence allows birdwatchers to interact with these species year-round.

Northern Considerations: Legal and Seasonal Changes In northern states like New Hampshire, local rules may affect feeder placement. Always consult your local Wildlife Resources Agency to ensure your feeding activities are legal and ecological.

Late summer bloomers in NY In bustling New York, particularly NYC, hummingbirds appear later in the season. Hummingbird activity can be captured by keeping the feeders up until August and three weeks beyond.

The Three-Week Rule in Texas Texas enjoys a longer hummingbird season. After seeing the last hummingbird, leave your feeders up for three weeks. Late September to late October is typical.