6 Most Overpriced Burger Chains in America

McDonald's McDonald's traditional cheeseburger cost $1 five years ago. It costs double or more today. According to the Victoria Advocate, that burger costs $3.15 in south Texas. That's 215% more.

Five Guys Five Guys was criticized for its prices this year. In March, X users shared Reddit-sourced Five Guys receipts. Prices at Five Guys are outrageous. $24 per person "wrote. A bacon cheeseburger, ordinary drink, and small fry cost over $22 before tip.

Wendy's In February, Wendy's executive used "surge pricing" on an earnings call, which grabbed news for the wrong reasons. Investors were informed by Wendy's CEO Kirk Tanner that menu prices will change daily based on demand.

Burger King The Whopper's home doesn't help price-weary shoppers either. A Reddit post analyzed 2021 and 2024 Burger King coupons and found surprising results.

Carl's Jr. West Coasters also hate Carl's Jr. menu prices. "Wtf happened to Carl's Jr prices?" Redditor wondered. "This place is ripoff, presently. It cost $34 to buy 3 Famous Stars ($5.99 each), 2 fries ($3.49 each), and 3 chicken tenders ($5.99 each).

Shake Shack Shake Shack's ShackBurger and shakes are popular, but some customers aren't paying anymore. One Redditor grumbled about paying $26 for two burgers and two drinks.