6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Want To Be Friends After You Break Up

Leo Leos find breakups hard. They're usually hurt and burned out from their ex and can't be friendly. They give their everything when loving. When it fails, they withdraw themselves rather than try to salvage the relationship.

Aries Most Aries no longer talk to or hang out with their ex. Fire signs are decisive and let go when things go wrong. They find no value in being friends with someone they formerly liked.

Virgo When a relationship fails, Virgo lets it go and wishes the other person well. They may decide to be friends with their ex later. They don't want to be irrational due of their strong feelings. Before deciding, they back off and avoid contact for days.

Scorpio Scorpios can only love hard. They struggle to envisage a friendship when the relationship ends. They find it hard to see their ex dating others or not interact with them. Water signs feel strongly and envy is no exception.

Capricorn Capricorns rationalize breakups like other earth signs. They know not to salvage failed attempts. Being friends with their ex may help. They prefer to move forward and don't see the value in staying in touch with a platonic partner they formerly loved.

Taurus Taurus values themselves. When someone no longer sees it, they move on to the next. Exes rarely remain friends because of this. Unless they desire to stay, they won't beg or persuade.