1: "Plant native flowers like bee balm and salvia to attract hummingbirds."

2: "Offer a variety of feeders with fresh nectar to keep hummingbirds coming back."

3: "Create a water feature like a fountain or shallow pond for hummingbirds to bathe."

4: "Keep your yard pesticide-free to create a safe environment for hummingbirds."

5: "Add perches and nesting materials to encourage hummingbirds to make your yard their home."

6: "Place feeders near windows or in high-traffic areas to easily spot visiting hummingbirds."

7: "Plant trees and shrubs for hummingbirds to rest and hide from predators."

8: "Provide a mix of red, orange, and pink flowers to attract hummingbirds with their favorite colors."

9: "Maintain a clean and organized yard to create a welcoming environment for hummingbirds."