8 Genius Dog Care Hacks Every Owner Must Know

Paw Protection: Before taking your dog out for a walk during extreme weather conditions (hot pavement or cold snow), apply a thin layer of paw wax or balm to protect their paw pads.

DIY Dog Toy: Create a simple and cost-effective dog toy by putting a few treats inside an empty plastic bottle and securely screwing the cap on. It provides mental stimulation and keeps them entertained.

Frozen Treats: During hot weather, freeze a mixture of water and low-sodium broth in ice cube trays to create refreshing and hydrating treats for your pup.

Desensitization: Gradually desensitize your dog to grooming tools, such as nail clippers or brushes, by pairing the sight and sound of the tool with positive experiences, like treats or playtime.

Muffin Tin Feeder: Use a muffin tin as a slow feeder by placing your dog's kibble or treats in each cup. This encourages them to eat more slowly, reducing the risk of bloating or digestive issues.

Scent Association: Rub a small amount of vanilla extract on your hands before leaving the house. When you return, your dog will associate the vanilla scent with your safe return, helping to alleviate separation anxiety.

Pet Hair Removal: Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. The rubber edge effectively gathers and lifts the hair, making cleaning up a breeze.

Emergency Muzzle: Use a strip of fabric or a leash to build a muzzle for emergencies or injured dogs. Until you seek professional aid, they won't bite out of fear or pain.