Add Color To Your Garden With A Sweet Flower Hummingbirds

Plant azaleas with varying bloom periods to attract hummingbirds all spring and summer. Look for larger, dense-leafed azalea plants to attract nesting cardinals.

The American Rhododendron Society has a searchable database of azalea flower color, bloom time, plant height, and other characteristics.

Many gardeners choose evergreen azaleas, although native deciduous types have benefits. Research reveals that diversified native plant assemblages attract more hummingbirds.

Many native azaleas bloom later in spring and summer, another benefit. Ruby-throated hummers eat sweet and swamp azaleas, which are native to several eastern states. For cardinal nesting, swamp azaleas are preferred because they have deeper foliage.

Encore azaleas are popular evergreens that attract cardinals and hummingbirds. These hybrids are bred to bloom in spring, summer, and fall.

Encores have various types and bloom colors that attract hummingbirds. Most types are dense enough for cardinal nesting. Azaleas, whatever species you choose, can convert your yard into a celebrity bird sanctuary.