Golden Retriever 'Learns to Play Piano' Like a Regular Beethoven

Dogs are gifted in a variety of ways, like playing catch, being our closest and most devoted companions, and, of course, giving us those irresistible puppy dog eyes.

The list is endless! Additionally, depending on the breed, some are farm dogs that assist in protecting the animals that reside with them, and some are working dogs with extremely useful talents

such as the medical assistance that service dogs may bring to their people. If only we could all be as proficient in every area as our beloved canines!

But as it happened, he proved to be an absolute pro and didn't require the lessons. But much more significant than that is the fact that his father was able to record this comedy and make it appear very authentic.

(What am I talking about? This is not a skit; this is a true instance of this dog really playing the piano.

He's pretty much unstoppable, and in the years that he's been showcasing his talents on TikTok, he's gone through a wide range of jobs (sort of like Barbie).

Teddy the dog and his father, Jonathan Lower, reside in North Carolina, and from what Lower told Fox, it doesn't appear that they will be moving anytime soon.

He remarked, "I have 500–600 video ideas in a notebook at home." "A lot of them are ambitious and may take some time to complete, but we come up with a lot of quick fixes and simple projects that we can start right away and finish them off first."