These 3 Zodiac Signs Spend The Most Money On Their Friends' Weddings

Cancer Cancers are serious wedding guests. As a moon-ruled water sign, they'll cry when their pal gets engaged and won't stop until their honeymoon.

Garbis says Cancers spend a lot on weddings due to this enormous, sentimental surge of emotions. Love drives this zodiac sign to overdo every event.

Leo Leos always enjoy spending money at friends' weddings. After receiving the invitation, women book hair and manicure appointments and spend a lot of time picking the perfect dress.

Fiery Leos won't mind expensive bridesmaid dresses if they're in the bridal party. People swipe their credit cards without a second thought since it's part of the experience.

Aquarius Aquariuses are often willing to spend money on friends, especially on weddings. After sending their RSVP, they'll enjoy the happy hour and dancing, but the months leading up to it thrill them.

Aquariuses, fun-loving air signs, will enjoy the celebrations and be thrilled if the bride wants to go all out. “They buy everyone shots at their friend’s bachelorette,” Garbis explains. “And they’ll also pay for the best lodging for everyone.”