These Mountain Towns Are as Affordable as They Are Beautiful

Asheville, North Carolina offers a vibrant arts scene, historic architecture, and outdoor activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a relatively affordable cost compared to other mountain destinations.

Boone, North Carolina is a charming Appalachian college town with scenic beauty, hiking trails, and a welcoming community with a lower cost of living.

Durango, Colorado is a southwestern Colorado town with stunning mountain views, historic charm, and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, offering affordable housing.

Ogden, Utah has a rich history and outdoor recreation opportunities with easy access to ski resorts and hiking trails, and is more affordable than Salt Lake City and Park City.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a quaint Ozark town with Victorian architecture, hot springs, and a thriving arts scene, at a lower cost than many mountain destinations.

Ellijay, Georgia is located in the North Georgia mountains, offering beautiful landscapes, apple orchards, and affordable living, ideal for nature lovers on a budget.

Ruidoso, New Mexico is a hidden gem in the Sierra Blanca Mountains with outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, offering a lower cost of living.

Estes Park, Colorado is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife, more affordable than other Colorado mountain towns.