Turn An Old Rake Into A Bird Feeder And Watch Orioles Flock To Your Backyard

Materials Needed: – An old rake (preferably a metal one with sturdy tines) – Twine or strong string – A shallow dish or small tray

– Bird food (such as jelly, oranges, or mealworms for orioles) – Hooks or nails (optional for hanging)

1. Clean the Rake: Start by thoroughly cleaning the rake to remove any dirt, rust, or debris. This will ensure that it is safe for the birds to use.

2. Choose a Location: Find a suitable spot in your backyard to hang or mount the rake. A tree branch, a sturdy fence post, or a garden stake can work well. Make sure the location is safe from predators and has a clear view for the birds.

3. Secure the Rake: Using twine or strong string, securely tie the handle of the rake to your chosen location. Ensure that the rake is stable and won’t sway too much in the wind.

4. Attach the Dish: Place a shallow dish or small tray on the tines of the rake. You can secure it with twine or wire if necessary. This dish will hold the bird food.

5. Decorate (Optional): If you want to make your bird feeder more attractive, you can decorate the rake handle with ribbons or paint it in bright colors.

6. Maintain the Feeder: Regularly check and refill the food dish to keep the orioles coming back. Clean the dish periodically to ensure it remains hygienic for the birds.